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Does Righteousness by Faith annul the Hebrew Scriptures?

righteousness without law

The most important message given by Jesus focussed on ...

Kingdom Manifesto

Salvation is a promise made by God. Although it is not a question of feeling or of emotion, it is something we can know for sure.

“Much of the First Epistle of John is concerned with the question of how to know we have eternal life. John presents seven important ways to know that salvation is a present reality.” (“Life in the Son”, Robert Shank, page 301).

Shank then discusses (pages 301 – 304) the seven ways presented by John. These pages from Shank are available on the download file.

shank eternal life

In Romans 3 and 4, Paul makes very plain statements on the conditions needed for a person to be considered righteous in God’s sight.

righteousness without law

The chapter on the “Mystery of the Kingdom” from the book, The Gospel of the Kingdom by G. Eldon Ladd.

These pages deal with the parables on the Kingdom in the 4th chapter of Mark and in the 13th chapter of Matthew.

Kingdom, Ladd, chapter 4

The chapter on “The Kingdom, Israel, and the Church” from the book, The Gospel of the Kingdom by G. Eldon Ladd.

From page 117:
Do we not therefore have the Scriptural precedent to identify the Church with the Kingdom of God? Only in this sense: the redeemed are a kingdom because they shall reign upon the earth. ... The Church is a kingdom because it shares Christ's rule. The Kingdom of God ... is not the realm of God's reign; it is God's reign itself, a reign which is shared with those who surrender themselves to it.

Revelation 1:6 is to be interpreted in light of this verse. The Church is both a priesthood and a kingdom. The redeemed share the prerogative of their Great High Priest of entering into the very Holy of Holies and worshipping God. They are priests. The Church also shares the prerogative of their Lord and King. They are granted the right to rule with Christ. They are a kingdom, a nation of kings.

The Church therefore is not the Kingdom of God; God's Kingdom creates the Church and works in the world through the Church. Men cannot therefore build the Kingdom of God, but they can preach it and proclaim it; they can receive it or reject it. The Kingdom of God which in the Old Testament dispensation was manifested in Israel is now working in the world through the Church.

Kingdom, Ladd, chapter 8

My endeavour to identify chiasms in the parallel chapters of Matthew 23-25, Mark 13 and Luke 21

chiasms at Matt24, Mark13, Luke21

The Lord wrote with his own finger some of the Law he gave to through Moses. What were the words that the Lord wrote?

Written by the finger of God

For the serious student of the Bible, a scholarly presentation on the NT meaning of “Kingdom”

IVP Dictionary on Kingdom

For the serious student, a scholarly presentation on the Bible’s “Eschatology”

IVP Dictionary on Eschatology

Thoughts on the the crucifixion

Spong, Jesus for the Non-religious

Thoughts on resurrection and ascension

Spong resurrection ascension

The role of the Scapegoat in the Cleansing of the Sanctuary at Leviticus 16.

Lev 16 structure

The expression “Ten Commandments” appears just three times in the Bible: Exodus 34:28; Deuteronomy 4:14 and Deuteronomy 10:4. The expression does not appear in context of Exodus 20.

This Study amalgamates the contexts of the three passages that include a “Ten Commandments”. The result shows incompatibilities between the three accounts. It is not possible to create an absolutely unified synthesis. The outcome indicates that each account was written at a different time by a different group of scribes, each having its own religious allegiances.

The three appearances of 'Ten Commandments'

Some rough working notes relative to Romans 10 and to verse 4 (“end of law”€ť) in particular.

Context of Romans 10 4, end of the Law

Pages 19 to 24 of The Watchtower for March 15, 2015 offers its account of the “Parable of the Talents”€ť (Matthew 25:14-30).

When the understandings at the time are considered, including their  contemporary history and the other writings that were being circulated, a very different picture emerges of the parable’s meaning.

Craig Evans on The Talents

The archaeologist digs and then sifts through remnants from the past,  assembling the discoveries into patterns so that stories of the past may be brought back to life.

With almost 850 direct quotations from 50 books, this Study sifts remnants from the first 200 years of Christianity and sorts them into patterns that may help others to assemble a vessel that can hold ideas, or to form a skeleton where muscle and flesh, heart and mind, may be applied. A comprehensive Contents listing is provided at the rear of this Study.

The Jesus-followers' First 200 years

I have assigned myself a probably impossible task: I want to see if I can pick out the highlights in the evolution of Judaeo/Christian positions on salvation. These pages are Drafts.

To make the information more accessible, I have divided it into five Parts: Israelites and Judahites; Inter-testament Jews; New Testament Jews; Christians; and Satan-Lucifer-Devil.

I am providing this material in this Draft form to elicit your criticisms, comments, corrections, and advice.

Revolutions Part 1, Israelite Judahite Salvations

Revolutions Part 3, Jewish Salvations

Revolutions Part 4, Christian Salvations

Pages 174-200

Revolutions Part 5, Satan, Lucifer, Devil

The Chapter on Revelatiom from my Study into the history of Salvation (see above)


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