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                        Kingdom of God

The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society teaches its followers that God set up his Kingdom in heaven in 1914. The Society is the Kingdom’s sole voice on earth, the only channel by which God’s Kingdom communicates towards humankind. The “Kingdom” is God’s “government”.

During his ministry, Jesus spoke more about “The Kingdom” than on anything else. He made it quite clear that the Kingdom was possessed by God, and does not belong to humankind. They could enjoy the benefits of the Kingdom but it does not pass to them.



I aimed the attached piece at a Jehovah’s Witness. I use Watchtower language and imagery, as well as employing the Society’s translation of the Scriptures.

The references to their book “Aid to Bible Understanding” is to the first edition, but this should not affect the reasoning.

Come Inherit the Kingdom

In this piece I explain why I believe the topic of “The Kingdom” is the most critically important one.

The WTS soft underbelly

There is one basic fundamental starting point that must be understood before embarking on any study of this critically significant topic.

What is the Kingdom

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus taught the enduring principles of God’s Kingdom.

Kingdom Manifesto

The WTS says it is the only one preaching the “good news of the Kingdom”. When the WTS says this, it means that the “Kingdom” is a government, and that its “Governing Body” is the Kingdom government’s sole representative on earth.

I have provided examples which show  that others DO teach and preach the Kingdom and, more importantly, that Scripture gives a far larger meaning to the expression “Kingdom of God (Heaven)”.

An unsorted collection of resources on the Kingdom

A very brief analysis of “1914--A Significant Year in Bible Prophecy”, pages 215-218 of “What Does the Bible Really Teach’ by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

What Bible Really Teach, 1914

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