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Heeding Jesus’ warning about the “signs”, protects his followers from deceivers.

Matthias Flees

The Lesson of History


When Jesus sat down on the Mount of Olives with some of his disciples, he prepared them for momentous events that lay before them.

And as Jesus answered their questions, he helped them escape snares laid by deceivers.

Beware Deceivers

I composed this file in response to a Jehovah’s Witness’s comment that people had “looked forward to 1914”.

It was my intention to use original material to show:

  • Russell taught that Christ’s parousia (presence) had taken place in 1874.
  • He taught there would be a 40-year harvest ending in 1914. During that harvest period, that there would be unbelievable trouble in the world, and the church would be glorified.
  • He taught that Gentile domination of Jerusalem would cease in 1914, and that God’s kingdom would be ushered in at that time under the auspices of the Jews, and it would bring peace to the world.

I wanted to use original material to show that such ideas had previously been promoted by many others, with vigour. Russell was just one of a horde of prophetic interpreters, with each giving their own definite date for Christ’s coming and for the return of the Jews to God’s favour.

I hoped this might help them gain a better perspective on their own actions, to see that what they were doing was nothing new and would form just another part of the long history of failed expectations.

I wanted to demonstrate that others after Russell continued to promote the same messages, including Rutherford throughout the 1920s.

The material is indicative only, as so much more could have been presented, such as the views of the innumerable splinter groups that formed following Russell’s death in 1916. However, I constrained myself to material relevant to my Witness friend’s initiating comment.

The material is referenced chronologically, according to the date of the person’s views.

Christ is Coming Very Soon

What did Jesus mean when he said, “This Generation”?

This Generation

Throughout the 19th Century, people excitedly believed in the imminent physical return to Earth of Jesus Christ. Each Advent group proposed its date for that Promised Event, and each was intensely disappointed when its selected date passed without the anticipated event taking place.

This collection of pages, readily accessible through the Internet, are from books at the time of one 19th century date-setting predictor, William Miller. He stands in a long line of people who made the same mistake of setting dates.

I hope these pages illustrate the folly of pursuing the rationale Miller employed, such as using contemporary events to help interpret the Bible, as well as the folly of setting dates for activities of the Divine.

Hopefully this material conveys the sense of anxiety and urgency generated by those date-setting Adventists as well the reasoning they put forth, along with the corresponding urgency displayed by those who did not hold those views.

William Miller, selections from contemporary books

Pages from a book published in 1844 describing the history of Second Adventists, including William Miller’s 15 time proofs for 1843.

1844 book on Second Adventists

Brief pen-pictures from Taze Charles Russell’s times of about twelve people mentioned by him in his publications. They either influenced Russell, worked alongside him, or were influenced by him. From their pages, they bring us a better understanding of that intense period.

People important to Russell

I do not know if this is of use to anyone, but thought I would share it.

I prepared these pages simply as a personal analysis of Chapter 3 of the WTS book, “What Does the Bible Really Teach?”, so the presentation is not exhaustive.

In the first part, I provide comments against scans of each page. Then I provide the text, and I include the words of the Scripture being cited, and at times I include verses from the immediate context. I also provide a few comments.

Bible Teach, chapter 3

A personal analysis of Chapter 7 of the WTS book, “What Does the Bible Really Teach?: Real Hope for your Loved Ones Who Have Died”.

As with my previous analysis, I provide comments, cite every verse along with their contexts, and I ask questions.

Bible Teach, chapter 7

No one know who wrote the final book of the Bible, Revelation. These pages provide an insight into its author as well as a survey of suggested candidates.

Who wrote Revelation?

In the April 15, 2010 study edition of The Watchtower magazine, the Governing Body introduced yet another explanation of “generations” at Matthew 24:34. This file lists the changes the Society has made during its brief history.

2010 change to generations

Daniel chapter 9 as rendered in the Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT) and in the Greek Septuagint (LXX)

Daniel 9 in MT and in LXX

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